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What Should You Wear For Muay Thai Training?

What should you wear to your first Muay Thai class?

You may not know this about Muay Thai! The national sport of Thailand was originally created as an unarmed martial art designed for combat on the battlefields, today however, Muay Thai has grown to become one of the most recognised martial arts and combat sports on the planet!

In the heart of Thailand, most Muay Thai training is undertaken outdoors, under roofing or shade of course! Thai boxers embrace the humid climate by wearing apparel that suits this lifestyle and tropical environment.

Unlike other traditional martial arts like Karate, BJJ and Judo, Muay Thai has no requirements for a Gi or Kimono-type uniform. However, there are some essential items of apparel that are typically required to train and compete in Muay Thai competition. 

Starting Muay Thai as a hobby for fitness or as a competitor can be an amazing journey to undertake, however, you may not know exactly what to wear to your first class!
Here are a few essential items you need to bring no matter which gym you decide to join!

1. Muay Thai Shorts

As stated above, Thai Boxers train and compete in Muay Thai shorts for comfort, and breathability and to allow freedom in their movement. 

Unlike boxing shorts, Muay Thai Shorts are shorter, are much lighter and allow the fighter to kick and knee with ease, making them perfectly suitable for kicking type martial arts. 

Over the last few decades, Muay Thai Shorts have gained worldwide popularity in Thai Boxing gyms around the planet. They are also quite affordable compared to other fight-style shorts and come in a wide variety of styles, designs and sizes.

2. Muay Thai T-Shirts

Due to the intense Thailand heat, most male Thai boxers choose to train topless.
However, on cooler days and in many western populations, singlets, t-shirts and activewear are becoming more popular and preferred by Muay Thai practitioners.

Tuff Sports Australia’s range of shirts is designed with quick-dry polyester and microfiber blends which are more suitable for intensive training. These shirts are highly versatile and can be comfortably worn for both training and streetwear.

3. Ankle Guards

Ankle guards are relatively inexpensive tools that help stabilise, protect and provide circulation to the ankle joint, which in turn may lower the risk of injury, while not required for training, these items are loved by many amateurs and professional Muay Thai fighters.

The stability and support they provide to a Thai boxer really make these items a worthy investment.

4. Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are an essential item for Muay Thai training as they help lower the risk of injury to the fighter's hands, fingers and wrists while also providing a moisture barrier between your hands and your pair of Muay Thai boxing gloves.

These inexpensive products come in many different colourways and lengths to support the hands of smaller and larger athletes alike, Tuff Sport Australia’s range of hand wraps are built with elasticised cotton and nylon for improved stretch and durability.

5. Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Other than apparel, every student needs a pair of quality boxing gloves. For safety and hygiene, it’s best to purchase a pair before starting as you want to avoid touching a pair of nasty gloves that have been loaned to new students!

If you intend to train for a long time, it’s a great idea to grab yourself a pair of gloves to avoid injury and getting sick!

Boxing gloves will protect your hands by lowering the risk of injury to your fist and provide additional support to your wrist. There are also many models of gloves from a variety of brands, giving you different hand fits, protection levels and awesome designs. Grab a pair from our trusted partner, Shogun Martial Arts for premium Muay Thai gear including Muay Thai Boxing Gloves.